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A Bright Future Ahead for Wacker Biotech US

In March 2021, a new entity was born: Wacker Biotech US.  As an integral part of WACKER’s global biotech footprint, the organization (formerly known as Genopis, Inc.) provides a foundation for commercialization and further growth of pDNA innovations.  Learn more about the company’s biopharma business.


About Wacker Biotech US

Wacker Biotech US was established in 2021 when WACKER acquired the joint venture partnership known as Genopis, Inc. from Helixmith (formerly ViroMed) and Medivate.  Its site in San Diego, California includes cGMP manufacturing operations, with currently capabilities suited for microbial-based products and expandable for future mammalian-based products.  Wacker Biotech US specializes in plasmid DNA based technology and provides contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) opportunities to help your company reach its clinical and commercial goals.

The company is supported by staff members who have several decades of experience ranging from clinical start-up to commercial product companies. With our experience, our team provides the flexibility to transition rapidly in a fast-paced biotechnology environment and achieve the end goal, which is to provide medicine for our clients’ patients.

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Mission Statement

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