Fred Denning

Associate Director, Facilities Site Services and Engineering

Fred Denning has close to 30 years of experience in facilities, operations & maintenance, plant/utilities operations, metrology & calibrations, HVAC/BMS systems, tenant improvements and new construction project management as well as Environmental Health & Safety and Security functions,

Fred attained his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from University of Phoenix in 2002 and has been in the medical device/ life sciences, biotech/pharma industry for over 25 years.

Prior to Wacker, Fred managed the Facilities Site Services & Engineering operations as an Associate Director with Vical, then Genopis before joining WACKER. With WACKER he continues to manage the Facilities Site Services & Engineering functions and leads the CapEx project execution at WBU in addition to day-to-day operations supporting the site and cross-functional support with EHS & Security.

Fred is originally from small town in Southeastern Montana called Glendive, where he was born and raised until he joined the US Navy in 1986.  He was in the Navy from 1986 to 1922, haven served in Operation “Dessert Storm” in liberation of Kuwait.  He was honorably discharged from the Navy in 1992 with honors for good conduct.  While in the Navy, Fred was stationed in San Diego where he decided to stay post separation from the Navy.