COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing Capacity

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA:  March 16, 2020/Genopis, Inc. Headquarter


Everyone in the field knows plasmid DNA can be an extremely useful for developing vaccines, anaphylactic or therapeutic.

Given the urgency of the COVID-19 global pandemic, Genopis Inc., based in San Diego, California, would like to inform all companies and innovators that we manufacture plasmid DNA, in full compliance with US FDA GMP guidelines.

Genopis is the only company that has experience in manufacturing two plasmid DNA products used for clinical phase 3 trials in the US. Our team holds extensive experience and knowledge needed for the production of GMP-grade plasmid DNA of the highest quality – not only in the areas of production and purification but also in QC, QA, and Regulatory.

Genopis has just started CMO services for biotech companies involved in plasmid DNA-based vaccines who may be interested in manufacturing investigational drugs for clinical studies in the US. We will place our highest priority on plasmid DNAs for COVID-19 clinical studies.

Please contact us if you are interested in plasmid DNA production or are exploring opportunities for strategic and collaborative partnerships.

Thank you for your kind attention.